The Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association (AIUA) was voluntarily formed in the early 1970's by insurance industry leaders in co-operation with the Alabama Department of Insurance. In 2008, the Alabama legislature codified AIUA along with its articles of agreement, plan of operation, and rules and procedures. Hurricane Paul

The mission of Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association (AIUA) is to provide a market for owners of eligible property located in Baldwin and Mobile counties to obtain essential insurance when they are unable to obtain coverage in the private insurance market. AIUA has successfully and efficiently served this mission for more than 40 years.

Several factors, including the average annual loss ("routine" non-storm losses), the Probable Maximum Loss (PML) that can be expected in the event of a catastrophic loss (several different modeling algorithms are used in this process), and the routine operating expense of the AIUA are used by independent actuaries to determine an actuarially sound rate sufficient to cover the cost of AIUA operating expenses, routine claims and the cost of purchasing reinsurance. These rates are then filed with the Alabama Department of Insurance where they are carefully analyzed by the Department before they are approved and implemented.

AIUA offers several deductible options. AIUA also offers significant premium discounts to property owners who build new homes to "fortified" standards or install wind loss mitigation features, such as hurricane wind resistive shingles, roof straps, impact resistant doors, windows and shutters, etc. to their existing homes. (Find out more by clicking Wind Mitigation Discounts)

When considering your property insurance needs, find a professional insurance agent with access to known, reputable insurance markets. Make sure your property is well-maintained and in insurable condition. Where feasible, retrofit your home to include wind loss mitigation features. Don't wait until the last minute to obtain coverage. Read your policy and all policy documentation carefully. It almost always costs more to repair or replace a home than most people plan for. If the property is in a flood zone, AIUA requires that flood insurance is purchased  equal to your fire and wind coverage. Most of the damage incurred during recent hurricanes was caused by flood, not wind. And remember, flood is NOT COVERED under most property policies including AIUA policies.

AIUA Plan of Operation
AIUA Rules and Procedures for Submitting Applications